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Welcome to the EEOC's Virtual Newsroom, which offers a wide range of information and materials on the Commission's history, functions, procedures, programs, actions and staff, on the statutes we enforce, and on related research, data and statistics. We encourage everyone to browse and search through our continually updated Press Kit, which provides extensive background and context for virtually any question.

To contact The Office of Communications, please phone 202-663-4191 or send an e-mail to Please note, this e-mailbox is intended for reporters, news producers, those writing for news publication and broadcasts, and other people working on news programs or stories.

If you are a private citizen seeking EEOC information, please call 1-800-669-4000 or e-mail

Press Kit

Press Releases

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Recent Releases

Commission Federal Sector Appellate Decisions to Use Randomly Generated Names - 10/5/2015 

New Mexico Department of Corrections Sued by EEOC for Age Discrimination and Retaliation - 10/2/2015 

Stanley Martin Companies, LLC Sued By EEOC For Pay Discrimination - 10/2/2015 

EEOC Sues Media Star Promotions For Disability Discrimination - 10/2/2015 

EEOC Sues Coca-Cola Bottling Of Mobile for Sex Discrimination - 10/1/2015 

EEOC Sues Safeway, Inc. For Disability Discrimination - 10/1/2015 

EEOC Launches FOIAXpress to New Automated Program for FOIA Requests - 10/1/2015 

Reserve Casino Hotel Sued by EEOC for Age and Sex Discrimination - 10/1/2015 

Austinís Park N Pizza Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination - 10/1/2015 

EEOC Sues Prince Georgeís County for Pay Discrimination - 10/1/2015 

EEOC Sues Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for Age Discrimination - 10/1/2015 

Trans Ocean Seafoods Demandada por la EEOC por Acoso Sexual y Represalias - 10/1/2015 

Trans Ocean Seafoods Sued by EEOC for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation - 10/1/2015 

EEOC Sues Glaser Organic Farms for Discrimination Based on National Origin and Color - 9/30/2015 

EEOC Sues John Q. Hammons Hotel Management for Race Harassment - 9/30/2015 

Northwest Territorial Mint Sued by EEOC for Sexual Harassment - 9/30/2015 

EEOC Sues Philips Lighting for Retaliating Against Employee - 9/30/2015 

Bloomfield Senior Living at Bluffton Sued for Race Discrimination - 9/30/2015 

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics Voluntarily Settles EEOC Pregnancy Charge for $60,000 - 9/30/2015 

New 'Digest Of EEO Law' Issued By EEOC - 9/30/2015